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  • Once the cake is picked up or delivered, all liability pertaining to the condition of the cake is transferred to the client. Please ensure that you transport the cake on a flat surface (i.e the floor of the car NOT the seat) and that you keep it at optimal temperature (22 degrees Celsius or below).

  • Flowers are cleaned and taped as effectively as possible; however, you assume the risk of pesticides, dirt, insects and any other contaminants when ordering them as cake toppers.

  • Photographs are taken of most cakes for social media. You acknowledge that you will not receive compensation for the usage of a photo exhibiting your cake order.

  • Please notify us of any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate. However please note that our kitchen is not free of soy, milk, gluten or other allergens. 

  • Inspiration photos are encouraged, however, we cannot guarantee that the final product will be a replica of the photo.

  • Changes to your order can be made up to a week before your cake is due. We require full payment at the time of purchase and this is not refundable despite cake order cancellations. It will instead become store credit.

  • If the cake is not picked up on the agreed date, the client is required to pay a storage fee of $10 per day until the cake is picked up.

  • Rudeness, aggression or any inappropriate behaviour that does not pass the vibe test is not tolerated. We have the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting these traits.

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